About the Chair of Industrial Logistics

The Chair of Industrial Logistics was founded in 2002 under the umbrella of the Department of Economics and Management Sciences and thus represents one of the youngest chairs at the University of Leoben. In the context of the raw material cycle, which is represented by the totality of all fields of study at the University of Leoben, Industrial Logistics stands for a multidisciplinary field that connects the individual disciplines and ensures effective and efficient material flows.

In particular, the focus of the field of study lies in the combination of a technical education with a specialization in the field of logistics. As with all fields of study at the University of Leoben, great importance is attached to practical relevance in the field of logistics. A mandatory internship of several months and an extensive practical bachelor thesis support these efforts.

Focus areas in research and education are:

  • Design and optimization of industrial material and information flows
  • Production planning and control
  • Process management in production systems
  • Warehouse and transport organization
  • Systems for the control of information flows
  • Planning of logistics systems and processes
  • Factory planning and layout design
  • Planning and control of conveyor systems
  • Strategic orientation of logistics
  • Models of cooperation in supply chains
  • Management of diversity and variants

Industrial Logistics has a strong focus on the core competencies and strengths of the University of Leoben as well as on relevant industries and contents. The cooperation with other fields of study at the University of Leoben enables training content that cannot be offered in purely business-oriented degree programs. Examples include automation technology, materials handling technology, mechanical engineering and computer science.

Thus, with Industrial Logistics, the University of Leoben offers a well-founded engineering education at a renowned technical university, with the degree of Bachelor of Science or Master of Science (equivalent to "Diplomingenieur"). The chair strives for cooperation with universities in Austria and abroad. Current international projects are running with the universities in Magdeburg/Germany, Barcelona/Spain, Bologna, Bolzano/Italy, Riga/Latvia, Lynköping/Sweden, Ibague/Colombia, Kharkov/Ukraine, Kosice/Slovakia, Chiang Mai/Thailand, India and Worcester/USA . An expansion of the internationalization is planned.

Other important cooperation partners are BVL Austria (BVL), Austria's largest logistics network with the regional office opened at the University of Leoben in November 2008, and Logistik Club Leoben as a regional logistics association.